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Weather in Spokane


35°F | 29°F

Snow (< 1 in.) in the afternoon.


35°F | 24°F

Overcast throughout the day.


28°F | 13°F

Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

Q6 Weather

A messy mix of snow and rain, even pockets of freezing rain, will continue in some areas into this morning. We will remain in a cool, unsettled weather pattern today, which will likely produce scattered snow showers throughout the day, before drying out a bit into the weekend. Any snow showers Saturday and Sunday should be spotty, although it will remain much cooler than average, with highs in the low 30s and lows in the teens to 20s. Long-range forecasts show even colder air arriving early next week and lasting through the week. For now, we aren't expecting any major storm systems next week, but the cold air will continue to bring a chance for scattered snow showers at times.

Current Conditions

Feels Like:
Wind Speed:
4.21 mph
4.9 miles
5:13 p.m.

12-Hour Forecast

Fri 7 p.m. 34°F Overcast 1% precip.
Fri 8 p.m. 33°F Overcast 10% precip.
Fri 9 p.m. 32°F Overcast 2% precip.
Fri 10 p.m. 31°F Overcast 4% precip.
Fri 11 p.m. 30°F Overcast 4% precip.
Sat midnight 29°F Overcast 2% precip.
Sat 1 a.m. 28°F Mostly Cloudy 2% precip.
Sat 2 a.m. 28°F Mostly Cloudy 3% precip.
Sat 3 a.m. 27°F Overcast 2% precip.
Sat 4 a.m. 27°F Mostly Cloudy 2% precip.
Sat 5 a.m. 26°F Mostly Cloudy 2% precip.
Sat 6 a.m. 25°F Mostly Cloudy 2% precip.

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