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Steve Christilaw: WSU QB meetings have own twist

I am one of those people who has spent their entire career trying hard to avoid meetings.

Steve Christilaw: University High football coaching tree adds new branch

Some things in Nature are just plain awe-inspiring. Mountains. Lakes. Beaches.

Hawkins instilling running mentality in Pasco

Anyone who’s ever spent a prolonged amount of time in the Tri-Cities knows what a summer along the Columbia River means.

Steve Christilaw: Seattle Pilot Jim Gosger resurrection rekindles memories

No one has ever confused former Seattle Pilot Jim Gosger with Mark Twain.

Steve Christilaw: Football faces variety of challenges

Some lessons are harder to learn than others.

Steve Christilaw: Local ties built enthusiasm for national soccer teams

A person can tell a great deal about people by the jokes they like to tell.

Steve Christilaw: How did it get so late so soon?

Where does the time go?

Steve Christilaw: Athletic records are for us to emulate

One thing you learn early on about sports is that the box score never, ever tells you the whole story. Neither does the record book.

Steve Christilaw: Cycling star puts new face on homelessness

You meet some incredible, memorable athletes in this business.

UPDATED: Wed., Feb. 27, 2019

Steve Christilaw: College recruiting much like panning for gold

College recruiting is like panning for gold, Christilaw says. Recruiters sift through hundreds of players before they find the right nugget.

Steve Christilaw: We should celebrate the Central Valley girls basketball team

The greatest of sports streaks always have an end point.

Steve Christilaw: Toughness a most impressive quality that sports reveals

We throw words around so often that they too-often lose some of the impact.

Steve Christilaw: Our region has an affinity for hockey

We might not be as avid as our neighbors north of the border, but we have always loved our hockey here in the upper left-hand corner of the country.

Steve Christilaw: WIAA considers new classification formula

Raising a child is expensive. But raising an athlete?

Steve Christilaw: Spokane has rich history as basketball incubator

I’m trying to remember just exactly when Spokane turned itself into a hoops city.

Christilaw: Push-pull not just for Dolittle

There are creatures that get caught in your imagination and stay with you for a lifetime. For earlier generations, the simple mention of Old Yeller or Bambi’s mother is enough …

U-High volleyball takes their ‘Aha!’ momentum to state tournament

There comes a moment where a team suddenly realizes that it just might be better than they originally thought. An “Aha!” moment.

UPDATED: Wed., Oct. 24, 2018

Steve Christilaw: Passion fuels excellence in sports, life

It is elusive as it is essential, but if there is one thing that qualifies as the magic elixir of life, it is simply this: passion.

Steve Christilaw: WIAA’s new rule requiring game film for post playoff play is great improvement

The WIAA executive board’s new rule requiring game film within 30 minutes of announced football playoff brackets gets every team on the same playing field.

Steve Christilaw: Sometimes even homecoming queens play football; get used to it

There are days when you just have to wonder just what, exactly, is wrong with some people.

Steve Christilaw: Fall season kicks off, some players will set themselves apart, and all deserve praise

Yes, it’s technically still August for another day and summer remains in full swing.

Steve Christilaw: Smoky August, Sarah Colonna departure, indoor practice – we’ll adapt

August in Spokane has a new theme.

Steve Christilaw: Northwest Nazarene’s loss is Central Valley’s gain

If job security is a priority for you, if you like knowing where your next paycheck is coming from and you like the idea of a nice, secure retirement someday, …

UPDATED: Thu., Aug. 9, 2018

Steve Christilaw: Complaining and blaming WIAA is the easy route

There’s an old joke that says “everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

UPDATED: Wed., Aug. 1, 2018

Steve Christilaw: Following athletes long-term is rewarding

I try to keep track of the young athletes I write about.

Steve Christilaw: Art of flopping trending up, unfortunately

The crystal ball shows this happening any day now: kids everywhere will learn to flop like the best of them

Steve Christilaw: Spokane Indians face a difficult learning curve

You reach a certain age when nostalgia becomes commonplace.

UPDATED: Wed., June 27, 2018

Steve Christilaw: There’s nothing like a road trip

There’s something mythical about riding a bus.

Steve Christilaw: What in the name of Tommy John is going on?

There are moments that make you just plain feel old.