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Sharp-eyed birder’s list shines in Lincoln County

Outdoors editor Rich Landers wasn’t the only one who had a good day of wildlife observation in Lincoln County last weekend. Following is a birding report that a rain-drenched, wind-whipped …

Out & About: Swan, crane festivals celebrate migrations

OUTCOMING – The recent weather melt off makes spring bird migrations easier to fathom. Birds already are shifting gears in the hemisphere and some will be flying through this region …

Crust-covered snow spells deadly conditions for wildlife

The wind-packed or sun-crusted snow blanketing much of the region this week delivers one of the most difficult survival tests for wintering birds and a wildlife.

Varied thrush’s haunting call pierces the forest in winter

On gray mornings in winter, the haunting two-note trill of one of the Northwest’s most secretive birds pierces the chilly air.

Field Reports: Profanity Peak Pack removal cost state $135K

Washington wildlife managers spent $135,000 to kill seven of 11 gray wolves in a pack that had attacked or killed about 15 cattle on national forest grazing allotments in northeastern …

Kim Thorburn has scientist’s open mind to making policy for hunting, fishing

A doctor trained to assure the health of human populations has been volunteering for three years to help oversee the well-being of Washington’s fish and wildlife.

Siberian bird detours to Lewiston in second-known U.S. appearance

People from several states packing binoculars and cameras have been flocking to clusters of Russian olive trees at Hells Gate State Park in Lewiston for the past two weeks.

Out & about: Wilderness cabins OK to maintain, judge says

Maintaining historic cabins with helicopter support is OK in wilderness, according to a federal judge who has rejected efforts by an environmental group to force Olympic National Park to remove …

Rich Landers: Critters are masters at enduring bitter cold

Judging from the bloom of down coats showing up downtown this week, humans have learned a few valuable lessons from wildlife about surviving bitter cold weather. But critters are the …

Audubon Christmas Bird Count gears up for 117th year

Numbers aren’t the only focus of the annual Christmas Bird Count.

Rich Landers: Hummers rather flee than fight yellow jackets

A few expert birders are swarming with stingers bared after reading my outdoors column about yellow jackets last week and its reference to hummingbirds.

Alan Liere: In admiration of birds

I have been watching six turkey vultures the past few days. They’re not something I normally see here just north of Spokane. Although I find them extremely homely, they are …

Landers’ words of wisdom: leave wildlife babies be

Wildlife agencies in Idaho, Montana and Washington have been pumping out the message in the past month: If it’s a wild thing, but not your own child, it’s best to …

Tidy yard tradition hits a snag

The Landers yard won’t win any Better Homes & Gardens awards, but a few discriminating bird species find our slightly unkempt acre a fine place to raise a family.

Sage grouse on display at Conservancy site

As the sun creeps up over the foothills, the pointed, bulbous forms of the birds appear, rising above the woody desert plants for which they are named.

Grouse strut stuff in spring spectacle

Party-like dancing, strutting and squabbles for the attention of females is underway throughout the West this month, not just in taverns, but also in the grasslands and sagebrush landscapes.

Field reports: Limits increasing for Roosevelt trout

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission voted Friday to eventually increase the daily catch limit of hatchery-marked rainbow trout from five to 10 a day at Lake Roosevelt.

Out & About: Long-distance hiking workshop in CdA

A workshop for hikers planning major-league backpacking commitments is scheduled in Coeur d’Alene by people who’ve walked the talk.

Tiny fliers amaze and delight

Hummingbirds are among the most dependable photo subjects for wildlife photographers. Put out a feeder during the summer season and it’s almost instant gratification for a shutterbug.

Sage grouse rules would affect 10 states

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Interior Secretary Sally Jewell revealed plans Thursday to preserve habitat in 10 Western states for an imperiled ground-dwelling bird, the federal government’s biggest land-planning effort to date …

Spruce grouse does it privately

May was a mere seven hours old and a veil of fog hugged the ground. But even in the dim early light, it was clear spring had fully sprung in …

Area birding: Migratory Bird Day approaches

Local birding enthusiasts are stepping up to help the public celebrate Migratory Bird Day with activities geared to fledgling birders of all ages. • A three-session bird identification workshop is …

Not too late to build nest boxes to welcome families of cavity-nesting birds

Although the nesting season for some birds such as geese and owls has been under way for more than a month, some species are still searching for sites to raise …

Hummingbird research a delicate job

Hummingbirds capture our imagination as they zip in and out of our lives. They arrive in a blur of wings, stopping in midair so fast we expect to hear a …

Bird festivals feature sandhill cranes, tundra swans

The headline attraction at the annual Othello Sandhill Crane Festival has already arrived for the March 27-29 series of programs, field trips and banquets based out of Othello, Washington. Founded …

In brief: Comment on county parks

Spokane County Parks planners are asking the public to help prioritize the many improvement projects waiting on the sidelines until funding is available. Public meetings are being held this week …

Out & About: Tundra swans lead parade of migrants

OUTHERE – February’s unseasonably warm weather kick-started spring bird migrations into the region. Among the largest and most obvious are the tundra swans that have been finding open water from …

Landers: Reardan wildlife area shows what community effort can accomplish

It takes a village to maintain wildlife in a developing world – especially the far-flung migrants that span the continent each year. Reardan Audubon Lake Wildlife Area is a model …

In brief: Rescued snowmobiler serves a reminder to all riders to practice safety

After the relief of finding a North Idaho snowmobiler who’d been lost in rough winter weather for two nights, the Shoshone County sheriff issued a stern reminder to the survivor …

Officer evicts Lake CdA eagle watchers

Bald eagle numbers continue to increase at Lake Coeur d’Alene in time for the annual Eagle Watch event that starts Saturday. However, an Idaho State Police trooper gave the boot …