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WATCH: P.E. At Home With Sandy Zimmerman

When it comes to strength, speed, and agility Sandy Zimmerman is at the top. With the COVID-19 making it hard for people to work out, this Ninja Warrior is bringing the physical education home to help keep the community happy and healthy.

Supreme strength: Justice Ginsburg’s workout becomes a book

The 84-year-old Supreme Court justice is about to join the ranks of workout superstars with a book about her exercise routine. “The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong … and You Can Too!” is scheduled to be released Oct. 3, which happens to be the first week the court is in session after its summer break.

Having an off day at the gym? Listen to your body and lay off.

Autoregulation can mean different things to different people. However, methods such as biofeedback and rates of perceived exertion (RPE) are effective ways to quantify your body’s response for consistency, regardless of how you’re working out.

Couple launch exercise program

In January, gyms are flooded with new members hoping to keep their New Year’s fitness resolutions. By February, the crowds have thinned as the reality of combining regular exercise with busy lifestyles hits.

Stay the course

The post-Bloomsday glow is sweet, lending its aura of accomplishment and fitness over all who slip on their hard-won T-shirts. Bad news: The glow dims. Some runners and walkers who’d stuck to a countdown-to-Bloomsday workout routine scale back – and back some more – until all they have to show for their weeks or months of efforts are a snapshot of a giant vulture and the shirt. The good feelings go away, as do the health benefits gained from their Bloomsday training schedule.

Pool aerobics class helps pregnant women

The class description reads: “Got a bun in the oven? Get your heart rate cookin’ and help make your pregnancy experience a healthier one!” It is an advertisement promoting a new Prenatal Water Workout class at the Kroc Center offered Tuesdays and Thursday from 9 to 9:55 in the morning.