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A Grip on Sports: Tonight’s Seahawk game may be their most important one of the season

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Of all the recent innovations instituted by the NFL in the past 20 years or so, Thursday night football has to be the worst, right down there with the way the league handles replay or marks the football. The Seahawks’ appearance this year occurs tonight. At home vs. the Cardinals. Strap in folks, because we don’t know what’s going to happen.

A Grip on Sports: As the West Coast’s coronavirus numbers pile up, so does the virus’ impact on Pac-12 football

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There are three types of outcomes for your favorite sports teams in 2020. There are the traditional wins and losses, sure. But a new category, the no-contest, is gaining ground, riding the surge of coronavirus cases that is sweeping the nation like the wishbone offense in the 1970s. And like the wishbone, the virus may just run us over as November fades into December.