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WATCH: Zag Rewatch

We may not have sports but the internet does. The Slipper Still Fits blogger Peter Woodburn has taken old YouTube Gonzaga games and brought them back to life with live tweeting, Join him on his journey through the past with his March Madness Zag Rewatch.

WATCH: QuaranTourney Selection Show

Welcome to the first ever QuaranTourney Selection Show. This new show dives you in to a college basketball tournament that picks up where the season ended. Get ready for a simulation of this years March Madness, and the best part is, you can join in on the fun with your very own bracket!

Everything is Copy: The arc of the season

It was, I think, simply coincidence that on the anniversary of his death, my interest in college basketball revived. It wasn’t because we shared that passion. Spectator sports held little appeal for him, save, perhaps, il Palio di Sienna, an insane, centuries-old horserace around a Tuscan town square that he was always happy to catch when he visited his father. He pointed out the track as we dined above the piazza last February. He talked about wanting to share that – and so much else – with me on a future visit. He would have sat with me during Duke games, if I’d asked. He would have made insightful comments about what he saw; he noticed things others missed. But if he hadn’t died I may not have needed to start following the team again.

Gonzaga students react to loss at campus watch party

With about two minutes left in the game, all the students in Gonzaga’s Cataldo Hall stood up as they watched their men’s basketball team fall to Texas Tech, knocking the No. 1 seed out of the NCAA Tournament’s West Region.

Hey, Jimmy Kimmel: Gonzaga landed on the moon

Any good conspiracy theory is only strengthened by attempts to disprove it. So no one can fault Jimmy Kimmel for doubling down when confronted with evidence that Gonzaga University does, indeed, exist.

What. Just. Happened?! NCAAs amp up the March Madness

One word succinctly describes what’s transpired so far in the NCAA Tournament: Madness. But even that’s probably underselling it. A memorable, zany first two rounds – even by March Madness standards – set up what could be another wild two weekends in a tournament where anything can become reality.

Viewing parties give alumni a chance to throw support behind Zags

BOISE – The Gonzaga Bulldogs’ postseason usually provides a good reason for alumni to throw a party. Year after year, Gonzaga alumni chapters come together to host socials and pull together alumni following the Zags in their run through the NCAA Tournament. The gatherings in the postseason are often made up of alumni from all over the country. Last season, when the Zags made their inaugural run to the Final Four, local chapters drew in Gonzaga alumni from several states as far as the East Coast.