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Tom Brady’s lawyers threaten to head for courtroom

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Tom Brady’s lawyers demanded that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recuse himself from the Super Bowl MVP’s “Deflategate” appeal and threatened to go to court unless the four-game suspension is overturned. Laying out the grounds for dismissing the penalty and setting the stage for a potential federal court battle, the NFL Players Association said in a letter released Friday that Goodell can’t hear the appeal because he will be called as a witness.

Tom Brady appeals suspension on deflated balls; Pats rebut NFL

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady appealed the four-game suspension he was handed for his role in using deflated footballs during the AFC championship game. The expected appeal was filed by the NFL Players Association on Thursday about an hour before a 5 p.m. Eastern deadline.

Spokane fan raises funds to bail out Brady, Patriots

A Spokane man is the unlikely fan behind an online fundraiser that’s trying to raise $1 million to pay the Patriots’ fine for allegedly under-inflating their footballs. The fundraiser gained national media attention Tuesday on sites including Bleacher Report, Buzzfeed and the New York Daily News.

NFL suspends Brady 4 games for deflated footballs

NEW YORK — The NFL came down hard on its biggest star and its championship team, telling Tom Brady and the Patriots that no one is allowed to mess with the rules of the game.

Commentary: Airing out grievances with Patriots

Tom Brady is right; this week’s report asserting that he “was at least generally aware” of a plot to deflate footballs for the AFC championship did nothing to tarnish January’s Super Bowl victory. Not at all.

Give and Take: Tweets of the week

@ JPosnanski The deflated football report is longer than the “Investigation of the My Lai Incident” report. What is wrong with us? @Golfbybryan The only way to fix this is to put Tom Brady to death, retract the franchise and retroactively award the Seahawks the SB.

Grip on Sports: Air goes out of Tom Brady inflators

Thursday: When the NFL finally decided to release the Wells Report on the Patriots’ cheating, every deflated ball joke that’s ever been written was dusted off and thrown against the wall. On that wall was a picture of Tom Brady, who will have to go the rest of his life with the image of shrunken footballs hanging over his head. And no, that wasn’t meant to be a joke or a double entendre or anything. That’s how silly this whole mess seems, yet it’s actually serious.

Tom Brady claims scandal doesn’t take away from Super Bowl win

SALEM, Mass. – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said Thursday night the scandal surrounding his use of deflated footballs in the NFL playoff last season hasn’t detracted in any way from his Super Bowl title. “Absolutely not,” Brady told a friendly university crowd in his first public appearance since an NFL investigation concluded Brady likely knew Patriots employees were cheating.

NFL: Patriots likely deflated footballs

NEW YORK (AP) - An NFL investigation released Wednesday concluded New England Patriots employees likely deflated footballs used in the AFC Championship and that quarterback Tom Brady was probably "at least generally aware" of the rules violations.

Joe Namath says no QB has even been better than Tom Brady

Tom Brady moved into an exclusive club earlier this month when he became only the third quarterback to win the Super Bowl four times. If joining the company of Pro Football Hall of Famers Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana didn’t provide Brady with the enough perspective on his exceptional career, New York Jets quarterback great Joe Namath is open to throwing another accolade at the Patriots star.

Patriots quarterback Super Bowl MVP for third time

GLENDALE, Ariz. – As a kid, years before he became a pretty good quarterback in his own right, Tom Brady idolized Joe Montana. Now, at age 37, Brady owns just as many Super Bowl championships – and just as many Super Bowl MVP awards – as the Pro Football Hall of Famer.

Wilson, Brady battle for legacy

When Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey a year go, their dominance and youth instantly got them branded as a dynasty in the making.

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick offer no explanation for deflated footballs

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The two men most responsible for delivering wins for the New England Patriots both said Thursday they have no explanation for how footballs used to reach the Super Bowl were underinflated by 2 pounds per square inch. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he has not been contacted by the NFL, even as league officials investigate whether the team cheated against the Colts.

Super Bowl XLIX offers enticing matchup

For Russell Wilson’s Seahawks to become the first team in a decade to win consecutive Super Bowls, they’ll have to beat the most recent group to do it, Tom Brady’s New England Patriots.

Andrew Luck’s progress could reach zenith against Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Step by step, Andrew Luck has climbed into the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks. In each of his three seasons, he and the Indianapolis Colts got one game closer to the Super Bowl. Now he can reach that destination if he beats Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game tonight.

How the NFL’s Final Four teams were constructed

SEATTLE – Game plans vary from week to week, opponent to opponent. Any NFL coach will scoff at the notion there’s a formula that works the same against everyone. The exact opposite is true when constructing a contender. The basics must be adhered to: