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May 20, 1996, midnight
Ian Waltz had one of the nation's best collegiate discus throws Sunday. Unfortunately, it came during warmups. And, understandably, it caused the Washington State freshman from Post Falls, Idaho, to get a little excited. So, in competition, he forced a couple throws, hit the cage on another, and only got two marks.

May 19, 1996, midnight
Francesca Green flies to victory in the long jump. Photo by Associated Press

May 16, 1996, midnight
1. With a restrictive budget, Mike Keller has discovered e-mail. Photo by Dan Pelle/The Spokesman-Review 2. Niels Kruller, who hails from The Netherlands, leads the Big Sky Conference in the long jump and 100 meters. Photo by Dan Pelle/The Spokesman-Review

May 11, 1996, midnight
We're hearing some indignant outcry about Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman - the NBA's most talented transvestite. The Bulls' fancy forward recently showed up at a book-signing in Chicago decked out as a woman, proving that only a slender feathered boa separates cross-training from cross-dressing. Photos moved nationally and critics began labeling Rodman "Rod-woman."