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Aug. 27, 2015, 2:30 p.m.
Rafters are being pulled off the Salmon River in Idaho in an unprecedented nearly 18-mile river closure upstream from Riggins due to the approaching Tepee Springs Fire.

News >  Idaho
April 14, 2015, midnight
BOISE – The water level at Lake Pend Oreille won’t drop until mid- to late September under an agreement reached by Idaho Gov. Butch Otter, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Bonneville Power Administration. Talks about the water level in Idaho’s largest lake started last year with a proposal to release water from the lake in late summer to help federally protected bull trout downstream. Thousands of people signed petitions asking federal agencies to reconsider, and Otter wrote to BPA and Army Corps of Engineers officials asking for a plan to protect recreation and tourism.

News >  Idaho
March 11, 2015, midnight
BOISE – Idaho lawmakers voted Tuesday to spend another $400,000 in state tax funds next year to kill wolves under a year-old program. The vote came a day after the Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced that 19 wolves were killed in the Lolo zone in February as part of the effort.

News >  Idaho
July 15, 2014, midnight
After two dogs were killed in North Idaho traps this winter Idaho’s Fish and Game Commission has agreed to look at new rules to restrict some trapping practices. “The tragedy of those two dogs is just that, an absolute tragedy,” said Brad Corkill, the Panhandle representative on the Fish and Game Commission.

News >  Idaho
Dec. 1, 2013, midnight
TJ Sneva wanted skis that would accommodate the kinds of tricks he and his friends liked to pull on the slopes, and major manufacturers weren’t making them – so he started building them himself. David Marx wanted skis that would work in the “side-country” terrain around Schweitzer Mountain – skis that could handle low-angle backcountry touring and uphills, but still float through powder turns on the downhills and inside the resort. Now his 7B Skis has a full line of models, with demos available on the slopes at Schweitzer.

News >  Column
Nov. 3, 2013, midnight
BOISE – A new wrinkle was added last week to the debate over Idaho lawmakers’ attempts to take over federal public land in the state. Representatives of Idaho Indian tribes pointed out that their treaty rights, which date back more than 200 years, guarantee them rights to hunt, fish, gather and pray at cultural sites on those federal lands. If the state were to take over the land, it’d violate the treaties.

News >  Idaho
Jan. 29, 2013, 8:34 a.m.
A drop-off in revenue from out-of-state residents coming to Idaho to hunt and fish is crimping funding at Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game.

News >  Idaho
Nov. 26, 2012, midnight
More than 5,000 deer, elk and moose were killed by cars on Idaho’s roads last year, a number so high that Fish and Game officials are worried about impacts on hunting and are ramping up monitoring and wildlife crossing programs. “Right now, we think we’re losing the same number of deer that we harvest in our biggest deer unit every year, so that is significant,” said Gregg Servheen, wildlife program coordinator for Idaho’s Fish and Game Department. “As we try to maintain deer harvest and sportsman interest and opportunity, that becomes key.”

News >  Idaho
Sept. 4, 2012, midnight
BOISE – A kayaker paddles into a wave at the new whitewater park on the Boise River, dropping suddenly from sight so that only the top of his bright-red helmet and the flashing blades of his paddle are visible amid the spray. A few moments later, he pops up and flies through the whitewater, turning gently as he zooms downstream, hits an eddy, and paddles back to do it again.

News >  Idaho
July 24, 2012, midnight
BOISE – Northwest states have launched a campaign to combat the latest invasive species that’s turned up in all three states — feral pigs. Originating in Europe and Asia and imported and intended for domestic use, the pigs, also known as Russian boar, can grow to several hundred pounds, turn wild and cause extensive damage to crops, wildlife and habitat. The invasive species councils of Washington, Idaho and Oregon want folks to be on the lookout for the swine in the wild and report them if seen; the campaign is called “Squeal on Pigs.”

News >  Column
Dec. 4, 2011, midnight
BOISE – Need a whopper of a gift idea for the outdoors enthusiast on your list? Idaho Fish and Game has one: A lifetime of Idaho hunting or fishing – or both. Fish and Game has been offering lifetime license certificates since the late 1980s, and since 1995, they’ve sold 7,895 of them. The lifetime certificates can be purchased only at Fish & Game regional offices or their state headquarters; they vary in price depending on age. “Occasionally people will come in and buy a lifetime license certificate for a child,” said spokesman Niels Nokkentved. “It’s a pretty good deal if you’re a young person, not so good perhaps if you’re a senior citizen.”

Aug. 24, 2011, 4:13 p.m.
Gov. Butch Otter has penned a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in defense of Jeremy M. Hill, the Boundary County man who shot a grizzly bear that had entered his yard while his young children were out playing, and now faces federal charges.

News >  Idaho
July 8, 2011, 9:39 a.m.
Idaho is planning a fall wolf hunt with no overall limit - and no limits in four zones, the Panhandle, Lolo, Selway and Middle Fork zones - because of "documented impacts to elk and other prey species in those zones," Idaho Fish and Game officials announced today. It's also planning a trapping season for wolves in the fall, in an effort to reduce the wolf population by more than the 188 animals taken in the state's first wolf hunt in 2009.

News >  Idaho
Aug. 14, 2010, midnight
BOISE – The Idaho Fish and Game Department released a plan late Friday to kill 70 to 80 of the 100 or so wolves in the Lolo elk management zone, and keep that zone’s wolf population at just 20 to 30 for the next five years to reduce pressure on elk herds. With wolf hunts off the table since a federal judge reinstated endangered species protection, the Fish and Game plan calls for officials to conduct the wolf removal, rather than hunters.

News >  Idaho
Aug. 13, 2010, 4:46 p.m.
The Idaho Fish and Game Department released a plan late this afternoon to kill 70 to 80 of the 100 or so wolves in the Lolo elk management zone, and keep that zone's wolf population at just 20 to 30 for the next five years to reduce pressure on elk herds. With wolf hunts off the table since a federal judge reinstated endangered species protection, the Fish and Game plan calls for officials to do the wolf removal, rather than hunters.

News >  Idaho
April 1, 2010, midnight
BOISE – Idaho closed the first regulated wolf-hunting season in the lower 48 states Wednesday, and state Fish and Game officials are calling it a success. “I’d be severely disappointed if we don’t have a hunting season next year, because we played by the rules, we worked hard, it’s been a long time coming, and I think we demonstrated that we did a good job with state-managed hunting,” said Idaho Fish and Game Director Cal Groen. “We need a hunting season to manage the wolves just like our other big game animals.”

News >  Idaho
Aug. 31, 2009, 3:10 p.m.
While a federal judge ponders whether to issue an injunction stopping wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana, Idaho Fish and Game officials are hurriedly preparing signs to warn away hunters in case an adverse ruling comes down before the start of Tuesday morning's scheduled hunt.

News >  Idaho
Aug. 24, 2009, 12:13 p.m.
The first hunter to buy a wolf tag at Idaho's Fish & Game headquarters in Boise this morning, J.D. Dennis of Kuna, arrived 55 minutes before the sale started. "Fortunately, I was in the neighborhood," said Dennis, who stood at the head of a line of about two dozen hunters waiting for the state's first-ever sale of wolf tags to begin.