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Grip on Sports: Basketball memories can be buffeted by the winds, but never blown away completely

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We lost a valued member of our household over the weekend, one that served us well from nearly 25 years. It’s hard to let go.

Grip on Sports: The M’s were missing in action, and on TV, last night, losing 7-1 to Twins

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There’s a lot going on today. Let’s get right to it.

Is the Mariners fast start to be believed? Baseball sim may have the answer

Out of the Park 20 PC Review: Getting closer to perfect

UPDATED: Thu., March 21, 2019, 9:54 a.m.

Ichiro says goodbye to adoring fans; Mariners beat A’s in 12

Ichiro Suzuki showered with cheers and chants while taking his final bow in a magnificent career that lasted nearly three decades.

UPDATED: Sun., Feb. 10, 2019, 10:24 p.m.

Five things to watch as Mariners get set to open spring training

With Mariners pitchers and catchers scheduled to report Monday in Peoria, Ariz., here are five things to watch this spring.

UPDATED: Wed., Jan. 9, 2019, 9:20 p.m.

Ex-Mariners pitcher Randy Johnson puts Arizona home up for auction

Former Mariners pitcher and Hall of Famer Randy Johnson has placed his Paradise Valley, Arizona, home up for auction.

UPDATED: Thu., Nov. 8, 2018, 2:48 p.m.

Mallex Smith dealt to Mariners by Rays for Mike Zunino, Guillermo Heredia

Speedy outfielder and leadoff hitter Mallex Smith has been acquired by the Seattle Mariners from the Tampa Bay Rays for catcher Mike Zunino and outfielder Guillermo Heredia as part of …

Grip on Sports: A day with another WNBA title and another Mariner season of tilting at windmills

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Wednesday was about winning. And losing. And about the past and the future. Read on.

Grip on Sports: The rhythm of the football season mandates a slow buildup to each Saturday

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There is a bit of rhythm to a college football week. It starts with a slow shuffle and moves with a quicker beat as Saturday …

Grip on Sports: It’s a miracle there is a lot of excitement about a punter

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It has come to this: The Mariners need a miracle and the Seahawks were raving about their punter. This wasn’t the scenario we thought we …

Grip on Sports: The new NFL season opens a lot like the old one ended, at least for the Seahawks

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The first Sunday of NFL football is over. Why is it that, despite wholesale changes in the offseason, so many teams haven’t really changed at …

Grip on Sports: From emotional releases to penalties to calling off the fight, yesterday’s action kept our attention

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It may not have been officially be Flag Day, but that’s how it felt Saturday around here. Washington State raised its Cougar one in an …

Grip on Sports: College football on Saturdays seems to go on and on and on, which is a good thing

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Another college football Saturday awaits. But if you want to watch it all, you better be ready to give it about 18, 19 hours. Wait, …

Grip on Sports: Football movies were always better when Burt Reynolds smiled

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The most famous football player in Florida State history died yesterday. And Burt Reynold’s passing brought back a bunch of memories, from “Deliverance” to “Evening …

Grip on Sports: As Washington State opens its home football season, the Cougars move forward instead of moving on

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Everyone has experienced sadness mixed in with the joy sports can bring. That’s part of how sports mirror life. But one would hope a certain …

Grip on Sports: Sometimes a deeper dive is needed to make sense out of the numbers

A GRIP ON SPORTS • A lot happened in the regional sports scene yesterday, much of it self-evident. But the most important items were a bit hidden. Read on.

Grip on Sports: There are dry spells and then there are droughts

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The long stretch run is upon us. We’re not really referring to the baseball season, but that too. It coincides with the unofficial end of …

Grip on Sports: Indians’ late-season charge has put a smile on everyone’s face

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It may be the beginning of football season, but it’s still a bit early to give up on baseball, isn’t it? Especially when the local …

Grip on Sports: College football’s first full Saturday at times made us sore, but also offered some exercise

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Is your backside sore? You know, after spending from 9 in the morning until after 11 at night sitting and watching college football? No way …

Grip on Sports: The waiting is finally over, college football is really back today

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It is here. Finally. It is the first full Saturday of college football season. Everyone plays. And everyone gets to cheer. Or moan. Read on.

Grip on Sports: Summer may not be officially done, but it basically is as football takes over

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s still August, isn’t it? For a few more hours at least. But yet high school football is in full-go mode. It’s not something that’s …

Grip on Sports: From signings to trades to losses to endings to special sections, it is one packed day

A GRIP ON SPORTS • So much happened yesterday, time constraints make it impossible to get to it all. Not for me, but for you. Who has an entire day …

Grip on Sports: If it weren’t for the National League West, the M’s would have a better view of the postseason

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The question has to be asked as we enter the last few days of August. It has to be asked of the Mariners and their …

Grip on Sports: You can call it a depth chart or a two-deep or whatever – just don’t call it definitive

A GRIP ON SPORTS • What’s in a two-deep? In college football, more than two players at every position, obviously. Which doesn’t really make sense, does it? Read on.

Grip on Sports: If the Mariners’ door is closing, at least college football’s window is opening

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s game week for the local college football teams. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Heck, it is even raining in Spokane this …

Grip on Sports: It’s not a stretch to say last night’s win was crucial for the Mariners

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Sometimes it only takes one improbable win to propel a team to heights unexpected. And other times that unexpected victory is just a footnote in …

Grip on Sports: Seahawks come up short but their overall performance has to be considered an improvement

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It’s getting to be that time of year. You know, when weekends become so busy there is no time to mow the lawn. Or wash …

Grip on Sports: If the Seahawks are supposed to save what’s been a tough late summer, they better get started tonight filling in the gaps

A GRIP ON SPORTS • So what’s going on? Not the M’s, who were off yesterday. At least the Seahawks are playing tonight, albeit a preseason game. Read on.

Grip on Sports: As long as there is success, most fans are willing to give their favorites a pass

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Instead of lamenting the state of the Mariners this morning, we’re going in another direction: lamenting the hypocrisy of fans. It’s a well that may …

Grip on Sports: Would you want a bunch of your ‘fans’ to decide if you keep your job? That’s what happens in Seattle

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Every four years, Seattle Sounder fans do something no other fan base in North American professional sports are allowed to do: They vote whether to …