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Grant Brumwell Finding His Footing

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It's a skill most 10-year-olds have mastered... but its taken Grant Brumwell years to hone the craft. Why?

"I had bilateral club feet, this foot was up almost facing all the way in," said Grant. 

His mother, Mandy learned about the abnormality at just 22 weeks pregnant, but didn't let that spoil the excitement of her first, and only, baby.

"It's your child. I mean, no matter what your gonna love them and no matter what you're gonna do what you have to for them. You love them anyway, and you think they're perfect however they are," said Mandy. 
Grant's feet were so severe, he had both legs placed in casts at just 10 days old.

"He was only 6 pounds, 8 ounces, 19 inches, I mean he was little. And 10 days old, you take him to the doctor. They lay him on this big table and they hold him down. They start casting his feet, and they hold his feet pointed out like this, so they try to stretch them the other direction for the club feet for the treatment. And them holding my tiny baby down and casting him- he's screaming bloody murder and he's having a fit... I think I was crying as hard as he was by the end of it," said Mandy 

Growing up with clubbed feet was difficult, but it never stopped Grant from trying, especially with support from some special people.

"My friends were so supportive, they signed my cast, they did a lot of stuff..." said Grant.

Grant has not only touched the lives of his friends and family... but made a lasting impact on his Shrine doctor, Dr. Glen Baird.
"That's probably the most fun part about my job. I mean, Grant's awesome, his family is awesome. You get to know them, and you know them while they're growing up and when they start going to school, and you feel kinda like you're part of the family," said Dr. Baird.

Today... Grant just wants to be a kid. He knows he has to work harder than some, but with the help of the hospital... 

"I just kept trying and trying," said Grant.  
Whether it's showing off his prized rock collection... (pop) or sharing his love of dinosaurs...  or helping the guys practice this week...Grant wants everyone to remember one thing: 

"Don't be afraid to do what you like to do," he said. 

So when you attend the Shrine Game this Saturday evening, enjoy the game, but remember kids like Grant, and why it's bigger than the final score. 

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