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Anthem singing with the Missoula Osprey

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It’s a tradition that spans a century: singing the national anthem before a sporting event.

But teams don’t just let anyone sing the national anthem in front of their crowds… they have to audition, and and today, in front of an empty stadium, and the Osprey’s version of Simon Cowell, they put their voices to the test. Meet Aaron Madero, your anthem judge of today’s proceedings. 

“Once you are out there and the flag is up there and the people are standing up and all the attention is on you, I think that can send the weak away. but I think that the strong will survive and do a great job.” Madero says with a laugh.

Recording artists over the years have said that the song is one of the most difficult to sing live, requiring a huge vocal range. And the words can sometimes get tricky too.

“I’ve been singing this song pretty much my whole life, and sometimes, I think to myself, wait, did I just say that right?” Rush Moyer says with a laugh.

“I sing my best when I am in my car, and I am driving down the road, so I try and put myself in that position” says Amy Conner, a Missoula resident.

But the meaning behind the sing, and the country that it represents, is the most important thing to the singers.

“It should be respect and it should be felt. And as long as you are portraying that to the crowd that you are singing it too, then that makes a good one.” Conner says.  

And once that last note is hit, everything comes into perspective. 

“You’re so worried about not doing it right, and then you hit that last note, and everyone is cheering and screaming, and it’s just the best moment in the world in my opinion.” says Aspen Dawson. 

The Osprey are still accepting singers for their upcoming season, so if you would like to audition for the team, you can visit their website and contact Aaron Madero, and meet with him at the ballpark in downtown Missoula. 

Aaron's contact info: 406-543-3300 or at

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