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Sam Adams' Sun Bowl Blog: Day One

Day one in El Paso is a success! Day one in El Paso is a success!
EL PASO, Texas -

If I'm being completely honest, El Paso wasn't my destination of choice for the Holidays.  San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas all rank well ahead of El Paso for Christmas time in my book.  But this town has been full of pleasant surprises in the very short time that I've been here.

I spent the night before packing my bag with the bare essentials and my 3 C's: Cougar beanie, Crimson ties, and Charger for the Swiss Army Knife of phones (camera, Twitter, IFB for live shots).  After a faster than expected arrival and rental car pickup (guess Leach isn't the only one in Texas running the no-huddle), I shot right over to Fort Bliss to catch the Cougars visit to the local army base.  Check that, I'm being told it's called a fort.  So I went to the local El Paso Army fort.  This sounds way too good to be true.

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I was greeted at the front entrance by Brooklyn native Alan Polynice.  Picture a guy with coke bottle glasses (Army issue) and a thick New York accent, and you have Major Polynice.  Smiling ear to ear the whole time, he ushered me over to where the Cougs were getting a crash course in the latest in ground warfare, while Miami was on the other end of the base.  For what it's worth, the Major told me the Cougs got the better end of the deal.  When I caught up with the team, it was like my childhood GI Joe collection had come to life.  Tanks.  Numbers.  Strykers.  And guns, guns, guns.  Yes, we are indeed in Texas.  

The wildest part was seeing the players load up in a Hummer and go through a virtual reality simulation.  M16's poking out the window and a mounted machine gun up top manned by four young 20-something Cougars reminded me that somewhere in a desert on the other side of the world, this is not fun and games.  But for this moment, it was fun seeing these guys blowing off some steam and walking a few steps in a soldier's shoes.

I've only been here a few hours, and I am already surprised by the overwhelming pride and hospitality this town has to offer.  I'm looking forward to day two.

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