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Tiger Woods Reaches Out To Teen After Suicide Attempt

Tiger Woods took some time to do some good after a young boy attempted suicide. (Photo: Flickr) Tiger Woods took some time to do some good after a young boy attempted suicide. (Photo: Flickr)
SWXRightNow.com --  With KHQ spending much of its newscasts on Wednesday raising suicide awareness, we would be remiss if we didn't bring you this story of professional golfer Tiger Woods taking some time hopefully bring some joy into a young man's life after he attempted suicide.

According to Ron Sirak of Golf Digest, Woods recently sent a letter to 12-year-old Dillon, who was featured in a previous Sirak article about his suicide attempt because of being bullied due to his stutter. 

Turns out Woods used to have a stutter too, and after hearing about Dillon he decided to share this with the boy to hopefully bring him some joy and let him know people out there care about him.

Below is Tiger's letter.

Dillon responded to Sirak's friend Sophie Gustafson, who shared his story with him,  to thank them for the support he received and tell about his special letter from Woods.

"Thank you for having your friend share my story. Please thank him for me. I really appreciate all the support and help you are giving me. My mom and I saw all the support on twitter. I know that I have a lot of support thru this challenging time. I just want to fit in. I just want to find true friends who will accept me and not make fun of me when I talk. It gets so frustrating when you have things to say and people just don't give you a chance to get it out."

Then Dillon added this:

"On Saturday, I got a letter from Tiger! He told me that he used to stutter too. We are going to frame the letter. We have never seen a golf tournament in person, only on TV. I told my mom that when my leg gets better (he fractured his leg in his suicide attempt) I think that would be a fun thing to do."

Now Dillon has hope and wants others who've been in his situation to know that there are other options out there and that taking your own life is not the answer.

"I hope that maybe one other person out there that is also having struggles, will hear my story and realize suicide is not the answer and maybe it can help them. I just acted on impulse and now wish that I hadn't. I was just tired of feeling small and like I didn't matter. I know that I do matter with the help of my family and friends like you to support me."

Big kudos to Ron Sirak for sharing this article, his friend Sophie Gustafson for bringing it to his attention and Tiger Woods for such a prompt response to help bring a ray of joy into someone's life and hopefully prevent a future suicide attempt for Dillon and any others who find worth in all these words.

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