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NFL GM Says 30-40 Percent Of Players Smoke Weed

Josh Gordon is public enemy No. 1 for the NFL when it comes to cracking down on marijauna.  (Photo: Josh Gordon is public enemy No. 1 for the NFL when it comes to cracking down on marijauna. (Photo: -- The National Football League has been cracking down on everything from domestic violence to substance abuse over the past season, with notable players like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Josh Gordon and Adrian Peterson being held accountable for their actions.But is it all in vain?

According to Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman, an NFL general manager believes 30 to 40 percent of the league's current and prospective players smoke weed, grass, ganja, pot, Mary Jane or whatever you want to call it.

While that percentage may go down now that a positive test basically results in an automatic suspension thanks to an update in the NFL Drug Policy, many successful players have been open about their marijuana use from Randy Moss to Ricky Williams (who claimed he smoked every day of his life), and the Freeman's GM source believes the league's modus operandi will soon change.

"In five years, maybe less, we'll have a league that allows smoking pot." the GM is quoted by Freeman on Twitter. "It's best recourse. What we're doing now is stupid."

Statements like this obviously gain much more traction around NFL Draft time because of the ever-important question of a player's character deeming a higher or lower pick. Off-the-field issues can prevent teams from drafting certain players, as is the case for Florida State star Jameis Winston, who many believe will be the first-overall selection. He'd be a sure thing if he hadn't walked out of a store with some free crab legs or shouted some profane things atop a table in his student center.

So is marijuana considered an off-the-field issue for most teams when drafting or even holding on to players?

"Publicly teams act shocked, disappointed about marijuana," the GM said. "Privately we know a lot of guys smoke and we're far from shocked."

Gordon was suspended for most of the 2014 season for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy after leading the league in receiving yards in 2013. He was later suspended for all of 2015 after being charged with a DWI on top of his other issues. But the Browns seem to have kept the faith because when he plays he's the best wide receiver in the game. On the flip side Cleveland seems to have given up on the Johnny Manziel project following his stint in rehab, but his issue seems to surround around alcohol, so maybe the Browns are going against the norm.

Randy Gregory and Shane Ray, two top prospects in the 2015 NFL Draft, both tested positive for marijuana use before the draft. Because they toked up they will certainly suffer, costing them what could be millions of dollars should they fall out of the first round. Gregory was considered a top five pick before his positive test at the NFL Combine. Ray was expected to go in the first half of the first round despite his turf toe injury before the news broke on his usage earlier this week.

The NFL deems marijuana a banned substance because most of the USA still does, but in Washington and Colorado usage is legal, so should Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos players be exempt? There lies the gray area, just because it is legal it doesn't mean an employer can't prevent people from smoking the grass. But it probably means players like Gregory and Ray would probably prefer a selection from one of those two teams.

One of the most interesting fruit for thought issues about the NFL's drug policy is the suspension disparity. Rice was suspended two games when he abused his then-fiancee', Gordon was suspended for the entire 2014 season (later rescinded to 10 games) for failing another drug test. We'll just leave that there to stew a little.

Below are Freeman's tweets from earlier today citing the unnamed NFL GM.

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