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Race Officials Unveil Bracelet: "Bloomsday Stands With Boston"

A look at the Bloomsday bracelets made to honor those affected by the Boston Marathon. A look at the Bloomsday bracelets made to honor those affected by the Boston Marathon.

In a tribute to those affected by the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday, Bloomsday officials announced on Thursday that race participants will receive bracelets etched with the words "Bloomsday Stands With Boston" prior to the May 5 event.

The idea, which was conceived, researched and executed within the last two days, is being done in partnership with longtime sponsor Washington Trust.

"Like so many who have reached out to us in the past few days to share just how much Bloomsday means to them in light of the tragedy at Boston, the bracelets will demonstrate our participant's, our volunteer's unwavering commitment to community," longtime volunteer and former Bloomsday president Jon Neill said. "It will serve as a show of strength, as a show of solidarity and the united front. It will most certainly show, despite the atrocities of three days ago, that our community stands strong, will not be deterred and nor will our spirits be dampened.

"The message from this morning's memorial service in Boston was that America's spirit shouldn't and cannot be broken because of this event. The running of Bloomsday will be our city's and our region's collective statement of triumph."

The lilac colored bracelets will be available to 50,000 runners on a first-come, first-serve basis and can be collected by a participant when they pick up their race number. To receive a bracelet, one must be registered for the race.

The bracelet started as a discussion between Neill and a family member. The family member, who is running Bloomsday for the first time, thought it would be appropriate to have a tribute. That got the ball rolling and within two days, the bracelet plan was put into place.

"We scrambled, we didn't know whether we'd find a supplier this quickly that would do this on an expedited basis," said board member Steve Jones. "But we did and we ordered them on Tuesday and they should be delivered on May 1 in plenty of time for the race. It's going to be, I think, a real nice tribute to Boston. A very appropriate way for our participants to show that we don't let this kind of stuff stand in our way."

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