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Neighbors React To Shocking Allegations Of Human Trafficking

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SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Inside a small, blue home in the 1300 block of E. Nora in Spokane Valley, horrific crimes are alleged to have happened.  The road is bordered by I-90, businesses and a few other homes, and the reaction from those who live and work next to the home is the same: shock.

"I'm very surprised," said next-door neighbor Steve Brazington.  "I mean, they were out there mowing their yard the other day."

But now, most of the windows at the home are boarded up after a SWAT raid left them shattered yesterday.

Brazington, who shares a yard with the alleged criminals, says he's interacted with his neighbors a few times, and never saw anything out of the ordinary.

"[They're] pretty normal, lower middle class people, struggling just like everyone else in America," Brazington said describing them. 

But the neighboring businesses disagree. 

Workers describe an unusual amount of traffic to and from the home, with people parking in their commercial lots and walking behind the building to reach the house.

"It's awkward," said Josh Jamerson, CEO of Smart Smoke, which is two doors down from the home.  "We had to put in special lights and camera systems just to feel comfortable to be at work."

Jamerson, and other employees working in the area, suspected drug activity at the home.  They've been keeping track of license plates and giving information to police.  While they say they wouldn't have been surprised to hear of a drug bust, hearing these allegations of sex trafficking happening a few doors down is unbelievable.

"I was absolutely astonished.  That's not what we expected," he said.  "I feel terrible.  I mean we're so close, to have so many people in the area and to not have any idea that that kind of activity was going on is really kind of scary and frightening."

Neighbors say the suspect's had been renting the home, and have been living there for at least the last year or two.  We spoke with their landlord off-camera today; he also says he's shocked to hear these allegations, and has never had any problems with the tenants.

Now, there's a new addition to the front door of the small blue home.  This afternoon, the landlord posted a 20-day eviction notice.

"If they're leaving, that's what I'm happy about," Jamerson added.

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