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Local Parents Give Back With Beau's Baskets Of Hope

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SPOKANE, Wash - Alaina and Kyle Stevenson were just a normal couple, until their little bundle of Beau came into the world. "We are just so happy and so in love with him," said his dad, Kyle Stevenson said.

Beau graduated from the Spokane Guilds School on Thursday. Kyle bubbles with pride when he sees his little three-year-old walk in the room. "He is just the most fun little boy I have ever been around. I am a little biased, it's rewarding to see him succeed. Because I did not feel like he was ever going to," Kyle says.

Beau was diagnosed with Down Syndrome when he was born. It was a moment that the couple was not expecting, and changed their lives forever. Alaina remembers the day the doctor's told her about her little boy's condition. "You always hear instantly you see your baby and you fall in love, that was definitely not the case. I remember just remember looking at him and seeing the word Down Syndrome. I just kept hearing that word and seeing that word."

She said her reaction was because she did not know much about her the Down Syndrome. "It was more the fear of the unknown," Alaina said.

When Beau was diagnosed, the hospital gave them a book about how to raise your kids with Down Syndrome. Kyle said that it was about all of the difficulties that they were about to go through. His wife wanted to change that. "I want other families to see the positives instead of how scary it can be at first," Alaina said.

So she wanted to give the parents of a new child born with Down Syndrome a basket full of information, success stories, and little gifts to pick up the family. She hopes that they will bring hope to these new parents. Alaina said, "We just want to spread the word that a down syndrome diagnosis is not the end of your child's life and its just the beginning. They can do so much more than you would expect."

And as Alaina and Kyle prove, so can their parents.

If you would like to donate a letter or success story, please go to their blog site at http://alainakylestevenson.blogspot.com/2012/05/big-news.html or send them an email at alaina_mae1@hotmail.com

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