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Hope Solo: Parents Should Let Their Kids Be Kids

Hope Solo spoke with SWX via satellite on Wednesday and touched on everything from parenting to the Olympics. Hope Solo spoke with SWX via satellite on Wednesday and touched on everything from parenting to the Olympics.
SPOKANE, Wash. -

Let your kids be kids. That's the sage advice given by Richland native and US soccer star Hope Solo Wednesday morning during an interview with SWX's Michelle Dapper.

The interview, sort of a promotional one for Solo, who is a spokesperson for the British skin care line Simple, covered a range of topics. She touched on nutrition, talked about the upcoming Olympic games in London and explained her rise in soccer stardom.

Solo has had "a whirlwind of a year" as she put it, making several public and promotional appearances, including a stint on the hit TV show Dancing with the Stars. Weave in a training schedule that requires three weeks out of each month to be spent in training with the US soccer team, and it's a wonder she has been able to fit so much into her schedule. Oh, and then there's the schedule she keeps with the Seattle Sounders women's team.

"We're trying to build the game in Seattle in a city that is well-deserving of a professional soccer team," said Solo.

Solo said she hopes to play at least another four years so she can play in another Olympics. Of course, first comes London.

"I am so excited about these Olympics," said Solo. "I believe that every major tournament brings something new to the table. You're playing for different motivations, different reasons, different struggles. You're trying to prove yourself on a whole different level. Whatever that year brings you. It's so exciting because every experience is unpredictable, there's newness to every tournament. With the games being in London, it's such a rich soccer history with a lot of beautiful soccer-specific stadiums, so I think everybody is dying to get to Wembley Stadium. We would only be playing in Wembley if we were to make it to the final."

Solo's success differs somewhat from the prototypical professional athlete's story. Sure, she's had people push her along from her days in Washington state. But the decision to expend all the sweat and toil that it takes to succeed, she says, has been hers and hers alone. And that should be a lesson to parents these days.

"I was obviously once young as well, and I had a lot of pressures growing up," said Solo. "My parents didn't put too many pressures on me to remain a one sport athlete to get a scholarship at an early age. I think that's why I succeeded – I was able to find my own passion for life, find my own passion for the game. I excelled because I was having fun. So to all you parents out there, let your children be children!"

Wise advice from a wise goalkeeper with the world in her hands when it comes to women's soccer.

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