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Missing Mother Reunites With Family Three Years AFTER Her Death

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SPOKANE, WASH. - Delores Canaday passed away in 2009. Soon thereafter her family had her cremated and her son Bruce Goff had the honor of keeping her at his house, but one year after her death, burglars broke in and stole her cremated remains. 

"They came in, took some money from me and commenced to take what they thought was money or change or whatever, and it was my mother," Goff said.  "She was gone for two years and my sister said well mom's out on her last adventure and sure enough she was."

That adventure ended last week when Jason Dean called KHQ Local News. Two months ago he made a discovery in his backyard. The discovery was the cremated remains of Delores Canaday. 

"It just makes my heart heavy every time I think of it," Dean's mother in-law Jeanie Larson said. "It's just absolutely horrifying to find something like that in your yard."

On the urn it gave a little information. It listed Canday's name and the funeral chapel where she was cremated.

The search for Delores' family led to the Cheney Funeral Chapel. The director told us he cremated her in 2009, but he sent us to the Health Department to get her death certificate where it listed the next of kin. That is when we figured out Bruce Goff was Delores Canaday's son, and soon his house on the corner of 4th and Cook became the site of a family reunion.

"Here's your mother back," KHQ's Alex Rozier said. "Oh, my god. Thank you so much. I can't believe that happened," Goff replied.

In her lifetime Delores Canaday raised five kids and worked as a nurse.

"She had COPD and that's what took her," Goff said.

Little did he know a year later burglars would take her too. 

"It was my responsibility and all of a sudden mom was gone. She had been kidnapped," Goff joked.

Still, Goff remained so very thankful and late last week he had the chance to meet the man who found the ashes in the first place. 

"It's a wonderful thing. thank you so much," Goff told Jason Dean. "You don't know what that means to the family. My sister was in tears when she called me."

As the crowd split, Goff shared some final words.

"There's a special place in heaven for you people," he said

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