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Expert Offers Easy Tip To Avoid Being Attacked

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SPOKANE, Wash. - While Sharlotte McGill's killer is still on the loose, many people in the area are nervous about their safety. Many will not walk alone on the trail next to the river. However, we talked to Dominic Schwebs who is an expert in self-defense. He gave us some tips on how to protect yourself if from being attacked. Schwebs stressed paying attention to what is around you. "Just being aware is the most important thing," Schwebs said.

Eye contact is key, keep your eyes up when you walk. If you have confidence, then you will be less likely to get attacked. Attackers look for people who are vulnerable, who won't put up much of a fight. "Looking them in the face, looking in the eyes, because if you can describe who they are, they would be less likely to attack you because you can identify them," Schwebs said.

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